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Counting Fuzzy Subgroups of Non-Abelian Groups of Orders p3 and 24
B. Davvaz and L. Kamali Ardekani

The study of fuzzy algebraic structures was started with the introduction of the concept of fuzzy subgroup by Rosenfeld and has been investigated by many researchers. Murali, Makamba and Tarnauceanu have used the equivalence relation of fuzzy sets to study the equivalence of fuzzy subgroups. One of the problems in fuzzy group theory is concerned with classifying the fuzzy subgroups of a finite group. In this paper, we calculate the number of fuzzy subgroups of non-abelian groups of orders p3 and 24.

AMS Mathematics Subject Classification: 20N25, 05E15.

Keywords: Fuzzy subgroup, chain of subgroups, level subgroups

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