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Strong Fuzzy Subsethood Measures and Strong Equalities Via Implication Functions
Daniel Paternain, Humberto Bustince, Javier Fernandez, Jose A. Sanz, Michal Baczynski, Gleb Beliakov and Radko Mesiar

In this work we present the definition of strong fuzzy subsethood measure as a unifiying concept for the different notions of fuzzy subsethood that can be found in the literature. We analyze the relations of our new concept with the definitions by Kitainik ([20]), Young ( [26]) and Sinha and Dougherty ([23]) and we prove that the most relevant properties of the latter are preserved. We show also several construction methods.

Keywords: Fuzzy subsethood measure; strong fuzzy subsethood measure; fuzzy sets; fuzzy equality; implication function; aggregation function

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