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A Two-Phased Additive Approach for Multiple Objective Supplier Selection with Fuzzy Demand Level
Feyzan Arikan

In today’s highly competitive economic markets, a significantly important decision for effective supply chain management is the selection of appropriate suppliers based on many criteria and imprecise data. In this study a multiple sourcing supplier selection problem is considered as a multiple objective linear programming problem with fuzzy demand level. Three objectives are minimizing the total monetary costs, maximizing the total quality and maximizing the service level of purchased items respectively. In order to solve the problem, a two-phased additive approach is proposed. In the first phase, ideal solutions are utilized for finding aspiration levels for each objective. In the second phase fuzzy additive model is solved and Chen & Tsai’s fuzzy model is adopted for the problem. The adopted model can be efficiently used to obtain a non-dominated solution. The approach is illustrated by a numerical example.

Keywords: Supplier/Vendor selection, multiple objective decision making, fuzzy mathematical programming.

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