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A Decision Model for Improving the Quality of Service at Airport Terminals Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: A Case From Turkey
Cigdem Kadaifci and Ilker Topcu

This study aims to provide a decision support model to improve the quality of service at an airport terminal. For this purpose, a model based on fuzzy cognitive mapping is utilized. The fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM) method allows dynamic modeling of problems by considering the complex network structure of the model; that is, the effects of factors on the quality of terminal services. In accordance with the main stages of the decision making process, first of all the factors affecting the efficiency of time passengers spend in airport terminals are revealed, followed by the relationship among these factors in order to construct a FCM. Finally, the most affected and the most affecting factors are determined and simulations are performed to observe the effects of changes in the values of factors.

Keywords: Fuzzy Cognitive Map, Airport, Airport Passenger Terminal, Terminal Efficiency.

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