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α-Group Quasi-Lock Semantic Resolution Method Based on Lattice-Valued Propositional Logic LP(X)
Xiaomei Zhong and Yang Xu

On the basis of a-group resolution principle, an a-group resolution automated reasoning method–a-group quasi-lock semantic resolution method is studied in lattice-valued propositional logic system LP(X) based on lattice implication algebra. Firstly, a-group quasi-lock semantic resolution method is established in LP(X), as well as its soundness and condition completeness. Secondly, a-group quasi-lock semantic resolution in linguistic truth-valued lattice-valued propositional logic LV(nx2)P(X) based on linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra LV(nx2 is equivalently transformed into another a-group quasi-lock semantic resolution with different resolution level a in lattice-valued propositional logic LVnP(X) by two cases.

Keywords: a-Group quasi-lock semantic resolution method; a-Group resolution principle; Resolution-based automated reasoning; Lattice-valued logic; Lattice implication algebra

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