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Un Opérateur De Densification D’un Graphe Le Graphe Des Parentés
Jean-Leon Beauvois and Gerard Lopez

We propound a formal improvement of the psycho-mathematical theory of structural balance [2,4,5]. Two vertices of a two-valued graph G (+/-) make a duo if they have the same relation with every common neighbour. Two vertices of a graph G make a disjunct if they have opposed relations with every common neighbour. We weaken these notions to define a new graph called the « kinship-graph ». This graph is of the same kind of G. A full-edge represents a duo, a dotted-edge represents a disjunct. We analyse some properties of this graph and we show its interest to enlarge simple structures given by social psychologists.

Mots-clés: Graphes, Graphe des parentés, duo, disjoint

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