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Quantum Ternary Circuit Synthesis Using Projection Operations
Sudhindu Bikash Mandal, Amlan Chakrabarti and Susmita Sur-Kolay

Basic logic gates and their operations in ternary quantum domain are involved in the synthesis of ternary quantum circuits. Only a few works define ternary algebra for ternary quantum logic realization. In this paper, we propose a methodology to express a given ternary logic function in terms of projection operations including a new one. We also present a method to realize new multi-qutrit ternary gates in terms of generalized ternary gates and projection operations, and further introduce ten simplification rules for reducing ancilla qutrits and gate levels. Our method yields lower gate cost, and fewer gate levels and ancilla qutrits than that obtained by earlier methods for the ternary benchmark circuits. The n qutrit ternary sum function is synthesized without any ancilla qutrit by our proposed methodology.

Keywords: Gate level logic synthesis, ternary quantum circuits, projection operations

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