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Symbolic Functional Decomposition of Multivalued Functions
Stanislaw Deniziak and Mariusz Wisniewski

This paper presents the symbolic functional decomposition, specified in terms of the blanket algebra. We introduce certain extensions to the existing theory of blankets, especially concerning multivalued functions, symbolic encoding and functional decomposition. Next, we define the process of integrated encoding and functional decomposition, using the blanket algebra. We also present some observations and features of blankets in the domain of multivalued functions, that are very useful in practice. The theory was successfully used as a mathematical tool in developing efficient algorithms of functional decomposition for multivalued logical functions. Applying these algorithms during the logic synthesis for LUT-based FPGA implementations, allows significant reduction of the resource utilization and depth of logic levels.

Keywords: Functional synthesis, logic synthesis, decomposition, FPGA, multivalued functions, blanket algebra, cubes

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