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F(m,n)-Hypermodules Based on Fuzzy Hyperoperations and Fundamental Relations
M. Farshi and B. Davvaz

This paper deals with fuzzy (m, n)-hypermodules F(m,n)– hypermodules) over fuzzy (m, n)-hyperrings (F(m,n)-hyperrings). We investigate the notion of compatible and strongly compatible relations on F(m,n)-hyperrings. Then, we study fundamental F(m,n)-hyperrings. Also, we define F(m,n)-hypermodules over F(m,n)-hyperrings and we obtain some results in this topic. Finally, fundamental relations on F(m,n)-hypermodules are discussed.

Keywords: Fn-hyperoperation, Fn-hypergroup, F(m,n)-hyperring, compatible and strongly compatible relation, fundamental relation, F(m,n)-hypermodule.

AMS Mathematics Subject Classification: 08A72, 20N20.

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