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A Hybrid MCDM Approach for Taiwanese Tour Guides Selection
Kuei-Lun Chang, Sen-Kuei Liao and Yaw-Chu Chen

Tour guide is an important factor to the success of the tour. The success of the tourism industry largely depends on the performance of tour guides. As a result, selecting optimal tour guides is vital. However, there is a lack of published paper in this field. In this study, a hybrid multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) method is applied to select tour guides. Fuzzy Delphi method, which can lead to better criteria selection, is used to modify criteria. Considering the interdependence among the selection criteria, analytic network process (ANP) is then used to obtain the weights of them. To avoid calculation and additional pairwise comparisons of ANP, technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) is used to rank the alternatives. The use of a combination of fuzzy Delphi method, ANP and TOPSIS, proposing a MCDM approach for Taiwanese tour guides selection, and applying these to a real case are the unique features of this study.

Keywords: Analytic network process, fuzzy Delphi method, personnel selection, technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution, tour guide

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