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Bipolar Fuzzy Digraphs in Decision Support Systems
Muhammad Akram, Noura Alshehri, Bijan Davvaz and Ather Ashraf

Zhang introduced the concept of bipolar fuzzy sets as a generalization of fuzzy sets. Bipolar fuzzy sets have shown advantages in decision support systems than fuzzy sets. In this article, we present the bipolar fuzzy organizational and neural network models, bipolar fuzzy neurons in medical diagnosis, bipolar fuzzy digraphs in vulnerability assessment of gas pipeline networks, and bipolar fuzzy digraphs in travel time as examples of bipolar fuzzy digraphs in decision support system. We have designed and implemented the algorithms of these decision support systems. We have also computed complexity of each algorithm.

Keywords: Bipolar fuzzy digraph, organization bipolar fuzzy digraph, bipolar fuzzy neural network digraph, vulnerability assessment of gas pipeline networks, travel time network, medical diagnosis.

Mathematics Subject Classification 2000: 03E72, 05C72, 05C78, 05C99

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