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Target Marketing Strategy Determination for Shopping Malls Using Fuzzy ANP
Basar Oztaysi, Tuncay Gurbuz, Esra Albayrak and Cengiz Kahraman

This paper aims to determine the effect of marketing factors (brand mix, consumer, company and market) to target marketing strategies of shopping malls from the managers’ perspective and then to segment shoppers according to these factors. A total of 4 dimensions (criteria) and 21 critical success factors (subcriteria) are identified precisely with the experts’ opinions and by literature review. Identifying mall strategic factors for a segmented market gives a better understanding about patronage motives than when it is applied to the market as a whole. This enables mall managers to develop the appropriate retailing strategies to satisfy each segment. This study reveals four shopping mall target marketing factors from the managers’ perspective: mall brand mix, consumer behaviour, company attributes and market structure. These four dimensions of the best strategy for shopping mall marketing management are analyzed to predict the best targeting strategy in terms of 21 subcriteria.

Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (ANP) is used to determine the priority weights of the considered criteria and the best shopping mall strategy.

Keywords: Shopping mall, ANP, fuzzy sets, marketing strategy, multicriteria

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