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A Novel View of Fuzzy Strong h-Ideals in Idempotent Hemirings
Jianming Zhan and Kuanyun Zhu

The aim of this paper is to construct a novel quotient hemiring induced via a fuzzy strong h-ideal in hemirings. In particular, three fuzzy isomorphism theorems of hemirings are established by means of a kind of new way, which are different from fuzzy isomorphism theorems of rings. Finally, as an application of fuzzy strong h-ideals, we characterize idemoptent h-hemiregular hemirings by strong h-closures which are different from h-closures.

Keywords: Fuzzy strong h-ideal; quotient hemiring; fuzzy isomorphism theorem; idempotent h-hemiregular hemiring.

2012 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16Y60; 13E05; 16Y99.

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