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Ternary Parametron Driven by Impulsive Forcing
Takako Soma and Takashi Soma

A ternary parametron is a logical element consisting of a resonator whose three oscillation phases are controlled by the seed signal applied before the resonator is excited. It is realized by a subharmonic oscillator of order three by forcing. It is known that for sinusoidal forcing, a forcing period exactly one-third of the free period is impossible. To overcome this difficulty, an oscillation amplitude-dependent forcing, or impulsive forcing, is proposed, and by numerical simulation, the stable oscillation and the phase control by seed signals are shown. It is found that the rising edge of the keyed forcing signal triggers the definite phase of oscillation. This is a biasing to the seed signal and can be regarded as a type of noise for the seed signal. Its level can be found by numerical simulation. The seed signal level needs to be sufficiently larger than the noise level for proper operation.

Keywords: Ternary parametron, phasor, impulsive forcing, subharmonic oscillation.

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