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A New Type of Subsemigroups and Ideals of Semigroups in the Framework of Hesitant Fuzzy Set Theory
Young Bae Jun, Hee Sik Kim and Seok Zun Song

The notions of Inf-hesitant fuzzy subsemigroups, Inf-hesitant fuzzy left (right) ideals and Inf-hesitant fuzzy quasi-ideals in semigroups are introduced, and their relations and properties are investigated. Characterizations of an Inf-hesitant fuzzy subsemigroup and an Inf-hesitant fuzzy left (right) ideal are discussed. Characterizations of a quasi-ideal and a regular semigroup are considered.

Keywords: Inf-hesitant fuzzy subsemigroup, inf-hesitant fuzzy left (right) ideal, inf-hesitant fuzzy quasi-ideal.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 06F35, 03G25, 08A72.

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