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Coherent Category of Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
S. N. Mishra, Hossein Rashmanlou and Anita Pal

Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets provide an adequate description of uncertainty than the traditional fuzzy sets. It has many applications in fuzzy control and the most computationally intensive part of the fuzzy control is defuzzification. Regularity or irregularity of any graph plays an important role in the network flow analysis and decision-making analysis of any system. In this paper, we define the concept of absolute degree, total degree, d2-degree of any vertex of an interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graph. Which leads to obtained some significant properties on regular and irregular interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graph. We investigated some attributes and also obtained some conditions for irregularity of the irregular interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graph. Some classical definitions and theorems on the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graphs are some centric features while isomorphic properties describe the geometric significance of this work.

Keywords: Absolute degree of an IVIFG, irregular IVIFG, isomorphic fuzzy graphs and interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy graphs (IVIFG).

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