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Certain Types of Domination in m−polar Fuzzy Graphs
Muhammad Akram, Neha Waseem and Bijan Davvaz

Fuzzy graph theory has important applications in various areas of computer science, including database theory, data mining, neural networks, expert systems, cluster analysis, control theory and image capturing. In this paper, we introduce several different types of domination, including equitable domination, k-domination and restrained domination in m−polar fuzzy graphs. We calculate an upper bound for the equitable domination number and restrained domination number of an m−polar fuzzy graph. We introduce the notion of domination in different products of m−polar fuzzy graphs. We also discuss applications of domination in m−polar fuzzy graphs in a wireless network and facility location problem.

Keywords: Equitable domination, k-domination, restrained domination and global restrained domination.

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