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Adelic Uncertainty Logic
Angelina Ilić Stepić

An adele α is an infinite sequence α = (α, α2, . . . , αp, . . . , ), where αR, αpQp, and for all but a finite set Pfin of primes p, αpZp. In this article we present two logics to formalize reasoning with adelic-valued function μ, such that for every event A, (μ(A))1 is a real valued probability, while for i ≥ 2 each coordinate (μ(A))1 represents a probability in an appropriate field Qp. We describe the corresponding class of models that combine properties of the usual Kripke models and p-adic probabilities, and give sound and complete infinite axiomatic systems. First logic, denoted by LAZp allows only finite conjunctions and disjunctions which implies some syntactical constrains, but decidability of this logic is proved. On the other hand, the language of the logic Lw1,AZp , admits countable conjunctions and therefore ensures improved expressivity.

Keywords: Uncertainty, adelic probability, completeness theorem.

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