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An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Model for Project-earned Value Analysis Under Uncertainty
Navid Moradi, S. Meysam Mousavi and Behnam Vahdani

Earned value analysis is regarded as an analytical approach for hybridizing scope, schedule and resource along with measuring projects’ performance and forecasting projects’ outcome. This research presents a novel uncertainty approach about earned value indices in the context of interval type-2 fuzzy sets to enhance the applicability of these indices under real-life circumstances. The proposed model is presented for project managers to help manage project costs via a flexible and intelligent approach. The advantage of this model based on new extension of fuzzy sets theory (i.e., type-2 fuzzy sets) is the accuracy in the modeling of projects uncertainties. Finally, a practical example illustrates how the proposed interval type-2 fuzzy model can be implemented within the earned value analysis in projects under uncertainty.

Keywords: Project management, earned value analysis, uncertainty, interval type-2 fuzzy sets, linguistic terms

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