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Intuitive Figurative Representation in Decision-making by Map Data
Stanislav L. Belyakov, Alexander V. Bozhenyuk and Igor N. Rozenberg

The principles of the organization of decision-making on the basis of map data of geographic information systems solutions are considered. The problem of accumulation and utilization of the experience of making a decision in the previously observed situations is investigated. The situations are described cartographically. Description includes spatial, temporal and semantic attributes of initial situations and decisions. The main objective of the study is to develop a data presentation model that ensures higher reliability of decision-making on the basis of experience. The difference of the proposed model is the representation of experience by a set of transformations of situations and solutions Permissible transformations formulated by the expert and considered as a description of the meaning of situations. The concept of situation images include fuzzy center and fuzzy neighborhood. The formal model of a precedent is built. The objective assessment of the similarity of images is analyzed. Model imaginative case based rezoning is proposed.

Keywords: Geographic information systems, precedent analysis, figurative representation of experience, decision-making, expert systems, fuzzy set.

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