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Healthcare Website Evaluation Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Choquet Approach
Gülçin Büyüközkan, Fethullah Göçer and Orhan Feyzioğlu

This article presents an evaluation methodology to measure the performance of healthcare facility websites. This methodology is based on a theoretical framework consisting of ten key criteria to evaluate websites. In today’s’ digital era, huge numbers of medical facilities are rendering their health services to patients residing in municipal regions who do lack any spare time to maintain their musts on healthcare. Having a well-established health facility web service can be useful with regards to that facility’s reputation and recognition. This paper presents an explanation for healthcare facility websites’ quality performance under distinctive evaluation criteria by rating and accordingly ranking them. The most significant feature of this study is how it deals with the interaction characteristics among the selected decision criteria for the website evaluation process. The method uses Intuitionistic Fuzzy Choquet Integral (IFCI) approach under group decision making (GDM) settings. To verify its usefulness, the proposed approach is applied to evaluate the quality of websites of eight medical facilities located in Istanbul, Turkey. The results show that criteria interaction is a significant factor in the selection of suitable website, and can extensively alter the rankings among alternatives.

Keywords: Criteria interaction, website performance, intuitionistic fuzzy choquet integral (IFCI), group decision making (GDM), healthcare facility.

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