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Hypergraphs and Transversals of Hypergraphs in Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Setting
Sumera Naz, M. Aslam Malik and Hossein Rashmanlou

Hypergraphs model more general types of relations than graphs do and can be used to model networks, social networks, biology networks, process scheduling, data structures, computations and a variety of other systems where complex relationships between the objects in the system play a dominant role. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy set (IVIFS) as a generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) increase its elasticity drastically. In this paper, the results related to hypergraphs are reformulated in the context of IVIFSs. The theory of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy transversals (IVIFTs) associated with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy hypergraphs (IVIFHGs) is introduced. Also application of IVIFHG theory is presented.

Keywords: Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy hypergraph; X-tempered interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy hypergraph; Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy transversal

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