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Subpolygroups Related to a Fuzzy Topology
N. Abbasizadeh, I. Cristea, B. Davvaz and J. Zhan

The aim of this paper is the study of the notions of lower and upper fuzzy topological subpolygroups. Results concerning the image and the inverse image of a lower (upper) fuzzy topological subpolygroup under a good homomorphism of polygroups (endowed with fuzzy topologies) are pointed out. Moreover, we discuss about the quotient of a lower (upper) fuzzy topological subpolygroup with respect to a normal subpolygroup and finally, about the product of a finite family of lower (upper) fuzzy topological subpolygroups. The study is concentrated on the similarities/differences between these kind of fuzzy topological subpolygroups and the similar ones obtained from hypergroups endowed with a fuzzy topology.

Keywords: Polygroup, fuzzy topological space, (relatively) fuzzy continuity, lower (upper) fuzzy topological subpolygroup.

AMS Mathematics Subject Classification: 20N20, 20N25, 03E72.

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