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Group Decision Making Approach Based on Possibility Degree Measures and the Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators Using Einstein Norm Operations
Harish Garg and Kamal Kumar

The objective of this manuscript is to present a group decision making approach under the linguistic intuitionistic fuzzy (LIF) set environment. Under this, we propose a new ranking method named as possibility degree measures to compare the different LIF numbers. Further, in order to aggregate the different LIF numbers, some weighted and ordered weighted averaging aggregation operators is proposed by using Einstein t-norm operations. The prominent characteristics of these operators are also investigated. Afterwards, a multi attribute group decision making (MAGDM) approach, based on proposed operators and the possibility degree measure, is developed under the LIFSs environment. A numerical case is taken to manifest the practicability and feasibility of the proposed group decision making method.

Keywords: Linguistic IFN, possibility degree measure, multi-attribute decisionmaking, aggregation operators, intuitionistic fuzzy set.

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