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The Three-dimensional Biomechanical Model Building of Human Lower Extremity Musculo-Skeletal System
Lei Shi and Zhen Liu

To assist in controller design of human-machine system and performing some studies such as sports-medicine and clinical medicine, this work built a three-dimensional biomechanical model of human musculoskeletal system. Firstly, the work presented an anthropomorphic Linked Segment Digital Human Model (LS-DHM) of total body as a template for obtaining further simplified model that is based on a specific study. After getting the LS-DHM, an analytical kinematic and kinetic mathematical models were constructed, which was mainly consisted of a set of iterative equations and they can conveniently translated into iteration algorithm to be implemented by computer. Finally, two examples were chosen to demonstrate the correctness of the musculoskeletal kinematic and kinetic model by comparing the results computed by the model developed in the work and a validated method, respectively.

Keywords: Biomechanics; musculoskeletal; human-machine engineering; computer modeling

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