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Monitoring Brand Performance Based on Household Panel Indicators Using a Fuzzy Rank-based Oreste Methodology
Tolga Kaya

A good understanding and effective usage of household panel tools not only impose constraints on marketing strategies but also lead to consumer insights via providing norms for evaluating brand performance. The purpose of this study is to suggest a fuzzy rank-based outranking methodology for multi-brand performance tracking using household panel parameters. The fuzzy set theory provides a firm background for handling issues based on the vagueness and partly uncertain nature of human judgment. In the proposed method, empirical data can also be converted into fuzzy ranks without losing the spread of the original information. To do this, Gaussian membership function based fuzzy ranks are integrated into ORESTE with nonlinear projection. The suggested approach is applied to a case study from the brick margarines sector in Turkey. Based on 81978 purchase transactions of 12915 households in 2015, performances of eight major margarine brands are evaluated. In the comparisons, household consumer panel indicators like penetration, purchase frequency, average purchase size, unit price, share of requirements, share of occasions and repeat purchase rate are used as performance criteria. A sensitivity analysis is also provided to monitor the reactions of the model to changes in ranks of importance.

Keywords: Multicriteria, brand performance, fuzzy ranks, ORESTE, outranking methods

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