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Player Selection for a National Football Team using Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS
Nimet Yapici Pehlivan, Yener Ünal and Ceng Z Kahraman

Player selection is an important process which takes technical, personal and ability attributes of players into account. Determination of optimal team for Turkish A National Football Team is quite important for Turkey’s ranking in the world among the other teams. When the decision makers’ judgments are under uncertainty, it is relatively difficult for them to make a decision. The fuzzy set theory is a strong tool which can deal with the uncertainty in case of subjective, incomplete and vague information. Under this kind of uncertainty, it might be appropriate for decision-makers to make an evaluation by linguistic terms. The aim of the paper is to select the best players for the team by taking several criteria into account. Fuzzy AHP, Fuzzy TOPSIS and Integrated FAHP/ FTOPSIS methods are comparatively applied to the selection process of players for forming an optimal squad of Turkish National Football Team.

Keywords: Fuzzy multi-criteria decision making, fuzzy AHP, fuzzy TOPSIS, Turkish national football team, player selection

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