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The Tower Matrix, an Alternative to Deal with Distances and Quasi-distances
Yulin Zhang, António Veloso Da Costa and J.M.S. Simões-Pereira

To any given n × n matrix D, associate a so-called tower matrix T with n × n rows and n columns. This matrix T deserves attention because it gives more information than D: in fact, the tower matrix exhibits, not only the shortest length of the paths from point p to point q, but also, for each third point k, the shortest length of the paths from p to q that pass through k. Interpretations of interest for business management and international commerce, for instance, emphasize the advantage of this supplementary information.

Keywords: Distance; quasi-distance; distance matrix; quasi-distance matrix; tower matrix. MR classification subject: 15B34

(orcids: 0000.0003.1833.7456, 0000.0003.4178.8757 and 0000.0001.8930.5932)

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