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Selection Among GSM Operators Using Pythagorean Fuzzy WASPAS Method
Cengiz Kahraman, Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi and Esra Ilbahar

GSM operators serve a huge amount of customers and this causes difficulties in meeting the customer requirements. Selection of the GSM operator having the best quality of service is a multicriteria decision-making problem under vague and imprecise evaluations rather than exact numerical evaluations. Pythagorean fuzzy sets (PFS) let experts assign membership and nonmembersip degrees in a wider area than it is in ordinary intuitionistic fuzzy sets. In this paper, we employ Pythagorean fuzzy sets for the extension of WASPAS method. WASPAS is a multicriteria method integrating simple additive weighting and weighted product methods. Single valued PFS are used in the proposed WASPAS method. We illustrate the application of the proposed Pythagorean fuzzy WASPAS through a selection problem among communication firms.

Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy sets, WASPAS method, weighted sum, weighted product, IFS2 sets, pythagorean fuzzy sets

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