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A FCM-Based Systematic Approach for Building and Analyzing Problem Solving Networks in Open Innovation
Burcu Felekoğlu, Adil Baykasoğlu and İlker Gölcük

The purpose of this paper is to propose a fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM)-based systematic approach for building and analyzing problem-solving networks in open innovation and illustrate the use of this approach with an application in a company operating in prepress preparation sector. First, the proposed approach is explained step by step. Then, for illustrating the use of this approach, case study method was used and data was collected in a company using a visual form developed for this study and analysis of data was performed using social network analysis (SNA) and FCM methods. The results of the study show that by using the proposed approach managers can better understand, sustain, and develop knowledge management practices in open innovation networks in their companies by considering dynamic contextual factors on their relationships. Visual representation of the resulting network helps managers to better understand their internal and external relationships and identify the most valuable network participants. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study using SNA and FCM methods together in order to capture the effect of dynamic contextual factors on the relationships in innovation field.

Keywords: Fuzzy cognitive mapping, network analysis, open innovation, problem-solving

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