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FLQ: An Efficient Single-server Fuzzy Logic Based Queuing Algorithm for Wireless Networks
Ridhima Mehta

In this paper, we propose a novel dynamic and robust queue management algorithm based on fuzzy logic. The presented mathematical framework employs fuzzy decision-making with multiple attributes incorporated in the fuzzy logic controller. The fuzzy inputs in our system are the total queuing time, mean lifetime, and mean queue length associated with the deployed single-server queuing discipline. Besides, service time, queue capacity, and inter-arrival time represent the three fuzzy outputs. A series of extensive simulation experiments are conducted to evaluate and compare the performance of the proposed Fuzzy Logic-based Queuing (FLQ) algorithm with the well-known conventional FIFO queuing mechanism. The simulation results validate the superior performance of the wireless network implemented with FLQ algorithm in terms of lower delay, lower queue size, and much higher service rate than the traditional queuing policy. In addition, it eminently reduces unsolicited packet drops and queuing delay encountered by the packets in the network.

Keywords: FIFO queuing algorithm, FLQ, fuzzy logic, MATLAB, membership function, OMNeT++, QoS

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