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A Proposed Service Level Improvement Methodology for Public Transportation Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Edas Based on Customer Satisfaction Data
Murat Levent Demircan and Suzan Tunc

Quality of service is one of the top factors that encourage the use of public transportation systems. Service quality criteria for public transportation buses in Istanbul are defined systematically and their performance is measured regularly with the use of customer satisfaction surveys. This study aims to propose a convenient methodology for the evaluation of customer satisfaction levels to show and improve the service level for each bus operator in Istanbul. An interval type-2 fuzzy EDAS method is proposed with the use of customer satisfaction surveys. The evaluation criteria are based on EN13816 criteria for each bus operator with the value of each criterion being determined from the passenger’s perspective. The proposed approach assists decision-makers to determine future investment fields for service level improvement, while also showing the general level for the operational shortcomings of the service provided

Keywords: Interval type-2 fuzzy set EDAS method, multi-criteria decision making, service quality, public commute, customer satisfaction

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