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Fuzzy Logic Based Simulation Approach for the Evaluation of Intelligent Farming Systems
Yakup Çelikbilek and Fatih Tüysüz

Farming has been one of the most important issues for humans due to its contribution to the development of civilization. Farming is vital and most of the historical revolutions were triggered directly or indirectly by farming business among countries. Besides, all of the modern and technological innovations were directly adapted to the farming systems. Solar energy cannot be solely enough for farming all kinds of agricultural products during the whole year. Additionally, usage of only light, heat and other artificial equipment during the whole year to instead of sun is not economically feasible. In today’s world, in order to feed the continually increasing world population effectively and efficiently and also to provide sustainable farming, the integration of advanced technologies into farming systems, which can be called intelligent farming, is of high importance for both researchers and the industry. In this study, a fuzzy logic-based intelligent farming system is proposed, then, analyzed and evaluated by using fuzzy sets theory and simulation technique. Fuzzy logic is used to control the heating and lighting of the intelligent farming system, and simulation is used for evaluating the system. The results of the application indicate that the proposed approach is quite successful in increasing the efficiency with a 30% to 50% cost reduction.

Keywords: Intelligent farming, e-Plants, industry 4.0, fuzzy logic, simulation

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