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Location-Based Advertisement Selection Using Spherical Fuzzy AHP-VIKOR
Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar, Fatma Kutlu Gündoǧdu and Cengiz Kahraman

New business models started to emerge as Location-Based technologies that can be used to locate individuals and create value out of it. One of the most commonly adopted business models is location-based advertisement (LBA) model which can be defined as sending customized advertisements depending on the location of the person. LBA can successfully target customers since it uses the location data when communicating. Using the current and past data to propose the right advertisement to the right person at the right time increase the conversion rates. When LBA systems detect a person there are generally various potential advertisement messages to send. Hence selecting the right advertisement becomes a vital decision. In this study, we model the selection problem as a multi-criteria decision making problem and use Spherical Fuzzy AHP integrated with Spherical Fuzzy VIKOR method to provide an autonomous decision mechanism.

Keywords: Location-based advertisements, spherical fuzzy sets, autonomous decision model, spherical fuzzy AHP, spherical fuzzy VIKOR

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