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A Topological Duality for π‘˜ Γ— 𝐣-rough Heyting Algebras
Federico AlmiΓ±ana and Gustavo Pelaitay

π‘˜-rough Heyting algebras were introduced by Eric San Juan as an algebraic formalism for reasoning on finite increasing sequences over Boolean algebras in general and on generalizations of rough set concepts in particular. In this paper, π‘˜ Γ— 𝑗-rough Heyting algebras are defined and investigated. These algebras constitute an extension of Heyting algebras and in 𝑗 = 2 case they coincide with π‘˜-rough Heyting algebras. The aim of this paper is to give a topological study for these new class of algebras.

Keywords: Heyting algebras, 𝑑-rough Heyting algebras, π‘˜ Γ— 𝑗-rough Heyting algebras, rough set, topological duality, Priestley duality

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