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Digital Learning for Students and its Impact on the Present System of Education
Jing Lu, Wei Guo, Gabriel A. Ogunmola and Fha. Shibly

In the ever-growing digital age, the concept of e-learning and internet technology for smart learning has great potential from the educational perspective. The design of digital learning teaching activities and the flexible use of technological tools is key for today’s integrated information technology education. There are major challenges to quality and effectiveness in digital learning, which largely remain unexplained because of overflowing feeling positive and self-congratulatory thoughts. In this paper, Effective Integrated E-Learning Framework (EIELF) has been proposed for the modern education system. This paper presents a framework for executing a content integrated learn- ing management system with a detailed focus on multimedia or digital enrichment in learning content. The experimental results of the proposed method show an important difference in learning performance besides positive attitudes between online and traditional learners, which can be a feasible alternative learning strategy for higher education.

Keywords: Digital learning, smart education, e-learning framework, multimedia tools

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