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Machine Learning Techniques for Multi-media Communications in Business Marketing
Li Xiujuan, Mohan Krishna Kagita and Lakshmana Kumar. R

Modern communication has grown drastically with multi-media communication in business, promoting strategic thinking, and generating action-oriented information in the digital world. Nevertheless, the appropriate data analysis initiatives in digital business marketing are still limited even after many innovations. Therefore, in this paper, a Multimedia Communication Assisted Support Vector Machine (MC-SVM) has been proposed to analyze the science-based success measures used in online business innovations. The MC offers a comprehensive description of the core technologies in online business for data analytics and provides visibility for multi-media communication advancement. The SVM is to classify the improvement of groundbreaking data analysis and information discovery strategies. The MC-SVM framework examined the usability of effective multi-media communication structures, which are important based on the awareness with immense data sizes. The experimental results show that the MC-SVM achieves the highest classification accuracy and performance in business marketing.

Keywords: Support Vector Machine (SVM), business, communication

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