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The Implication of E-Business Management in China Wholesale and Retail Industries
Lanlan Xie, Seifedine Nimer Kadry and Ching-Hsien Hsu

In the current digital era, the china retail and wholesale business consists of all the operations, including the distribution, for personal or non-professional reasons, of products and services to the end-users directly. The wholesale and retail industries’ main challenges are less customer satisfaction and current trends to optimize business. In this paper, an improved E-Business Cloud Computing Model (EBCCM) has been proposed for providing a lower start-up cost to buying and selling goods, products, or services over the internet for wholesale and retail industries in china. The cloud computing model analyzes customer behavior based on purchasing product data to improve customer satisfaction. The proposed EBCCM model identifies less cost raw material to improve wholesale industries’ productivity and optimize retail business. The numerical results show that the proposed method enhances the revenue growth ratio of 98.2%, the internet sales ratio of 91.2%, the product demand ratio of 97.8%, the prediction ratio of 94.5%, and customer satisfaction of 95.6% existing approaches.

Keywords: E-business cloud computing model, wholesale and retail industries

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