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Multimedia Educational System and Its Improvement Using AI Model for a Higher Education Platform
Zhongshan Chen, Mengyang Xu, Zuojin Hu, Shengwei Zhang, Juxiao Zhang, Xiaoyan Jiang and Awais Khan Jumani

n the world of technology today, the hardware, applications, and online computing service have transformed instructional approaches and classroom changes. In various ways, artificial intelligence has shown its function as triggering transformations in the multimedia educational platform in an unimaginable manner. In this paper, the multimedia systems can be programmed to communicate with the students using Intellectual Computer-Aided Artificial Intelligence (ICA-AI) framework through visual vision, voice recognition, and intelligent behavior that the researchers consider inherently human. The ICA-AI scheme facilitates a variety of curricula for teaching and studying diverse topics in information technology. In general, it offers multimedia-based lectures, drills, research, reviews, and debate moderation based on students’ success and development in higher education platforms. The framework, instructional design, students’ modeling, and the knowledge base’s organization are defined effectively using ICA-AI. The Genetic Algorithm has been designed for integration into the instruction mechanism of all records, information, and multimedia objects using ICA-AI. The case study has been compared based on the students’ performance ratio and feedback following conventional methods to validate the proposed method’s reliability.

Keyword: Multimedia system, intellectual computer, artificial intelligence, higher education platform

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