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Interactive Smart Educational System Using AI for Students in the Higher Education Platform
Yubo Zhang, Gang Qin, Lijun Cheng, K.Marimuthu and B.Santhosh Kumar

In the fast-growing world, Smart education is an interactive culture and broad concept of higher education. It represents advanced technology that enables students to be more accurate, productive and efficient to process information and skills. Smart education’s fundamental problems are distracted students from studying and unreliable learning resources to poor academic performance. In this paper, Artificial Intelligence Assisted Interactive Smart Education Framework (AIISE) has been proposed to improve student interaction and improve student academic performance in smart education in higher education. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the interactive system for students engaging their studies and enhance the student and teacher interaction healthy environment in higher education. The Proposed AIISE provides reliable learning materials and a feedback system for students to analyze smart education learning performance in higher education. The experimental results show that improved teacher and student interaction is efficient, high accuracy of analysis of academic student performance skills.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence assisted interactive smart education (AIISE), artificial intelligence, interactive systems, smart education, higher education

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