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Smart Educational Learning Strategies for Teachers and Students in the Higher Education System
Shuixia Tao, Yuming Li, Xinge Dong, Gunasekaran Nallappan and Asad Aziz

In the technologically advanced modern world, Smart educational learn- ing strategies have proved to be effective for higher education with the advancement of smart devices in the educational field. A smart classroom is a technological learning approach that is presented as a way of increasing student capability. However, the challenge is to develop learning eco-systems that incorporate smart learning to self-regulate and personalize learning. Hence, in this study, an Improved Smart Learning Pedagogy Framework (ISLPF) has been proposed for teachers and students in the higher education systems. University teachers are included in this improved strategy as the smart devices’ operators and they lead students through relevant tasks. On the other hand, students can take instructions and study with direct guidance from teachers in an improved smart learn- ing environment. The findings demonstrate that the teacher’s position increases the students’ motivation, engagement, and effective learning.

Keywords: Smart educational learning strategies, higher education systems, improved smart learning pedagogy

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