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Uncertain Induced Prioritized Aggregation Operators in the Analysis of the Imports and Exports
Luis F. Espinoza-Audelo, Ernesto León-Castro, Cristhian Mellado-Cid, José M. Merió and Fabio Blanco-Mesa

Interval numbers are widely used in many fields to provide information about different scenarios. This paper presents several new uncertain average formulations using the ordered weighted average, prioritized, probabilistic and induced operators. First, the work introduces the uncertain prioritized induced probabilistic ordered weighted aver- age (UPIPOWA) operator that its main applicability is in complex group decision making problems. Also, a wide range of special cases and extensions using quasi-arithmetic means are presented, such is the case of the quasi-arithmetic UPIPOWA (QUPIPOWA) operator. The study analyzes the applicability of this new approach in economic variables, specifically are imports and exports. Particularly, the paper focuses on measuring the imports and exports for Latin America for 2017.

Keywords: Interval numbers, aggregation operators, imports, exports, Latin America

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