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A Paraconsistent Pavelka Technique for Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
Abdulai Inusah and Esko Turunen

Decision making involving multiple alternatives or strategies in respect of a number of conflicting criteria is usually a daunting problem for practitioners from across diverse fields. As a result, academics, particularly decision science researchers have been working so hard over the years to develop appropriate multicriteria decision making methods to aid decision makers in their quest to establish the optimum decisions in their respective fields and problems. In this paper, a technique for decision making in environments characterised by the availability of incompletely ignorant facts, partially conflicting and vague information is proposed. The technique is dependent on paraconsistent logic, Pavelka style fuzzy logic and fuzzy similarity relations. To demonstrate the use of the technique, it is applied to the selection of the best or optimal five energy mix from eight electricity generation sources for Ghana.

Keywords: Multiple criteria, paraconsistency, multiple-valued logic, decision-analysis, Pavelka logic, fuzzy similarities

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