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Developing a Novel Approach for Determining the Reliability of Bipolar Neutrosophic Sets and its Application in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
Dragisa Stanujkic, Darjan Karabasevic, Gabrijela Popovic, Florentin Smarandache, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Ieva Meidute-Kavaliauskiene and Alptekin Ulutas

This article aims to propose an approach for determining reliability of information collected using questionnaires and bipolar neutrosophic sets. Bipolar neutrosophic sets use six membership functions that express the truth membership, the falsity membership, as well as the indeterminacy membership to the set and complementary set. Therefore, bipolar neutrosophic numbers may be suitable for applying in multi-criteria evaluation when a smaller number of complex evaluation criteria are used. Unfortunately, a significant number of member- ship functions make them somewhat complex for collecting data by surveying respondents. Using reliability of data decision-makers can identify respondents who did not want to participate in the survey, or did not understand the application of BNNs, and take appropriate action. The usability of the proposed approach is presented through two illustrative examples and conclusions were drawn based on obtained results.

Keywords: Bipolar fuzzy set, neutrosophistic, single-valued bipolar fuzzy num-ber, data reliability, MCDM, decision making

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