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Monadic RM Algebras
Małgorzata Jastrzębska and Andrzej Walendziak

In this paper we introduce and study the monadic RM algebras. As particular cases we get monadic *RM algebras, monadic RM** algebras, monadic BE algebras, monadic BCI algebras, monadic BCK algebras, etc. The monadic deductive systems and R-congruence relations of a monadic RM algebra are defined and their properties are investigated. For the monadic *RM** algebras, it is proved that there is a one-to-one order-preserving correspondence between the R-congruence relations and the monadic closed t-deductive systems. Finally, we prove that if 𝒜 is a monadic pre-BBBZ algebra, then the lattice of monadic deductive systems of 𝒜 is isomorphic to the lattice of the deductive systems of (𝐴∃∀,→,1), where 𝐴∃∀ is the set of all fixed elements of 𝒜.

Keywords: RM, BH, BZ, BCI, BCK algebra, monadic RM algebra, monadic (translation) deductive system, congruence

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification: 03G25, 06A06, 06F35

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