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C-Maximal Strong Partial Clones and the Inclusion Structure of Boolean Weak Bases
Victor Lagerkvist and Biman Roy

Strong partial clones are composition closed sets of partial operations containing all partial projections, characterizable as partial polymorphisms of sets of relations Γ (pPol(Γ)). If C is a clone it is known that the set of all strong partial clones whose total component equals C, has a greatest element pPol(Γω), where Γω is called a weak base. Weak bases have seen applications in computer science due to their usefulness for proving complexity classifications for constraint satisfaction related problems. In this article we (1) completely describe the inclusion structure between pPol(Γω), pPol(Δω) for all Boolean weak bases Γω and Δω and (2) in many such cases prove that the strong partial clones in question uniquely cover each other.

Keywords: Universal algebra, clone theory, partial clone theory, weak bases

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