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Semimodular λ-lattices
Ivan Chajda and Helmut Länger

The concept of a λ-lattice was introduced by V. Snášel as well as V. M. Kopytov and Z. Ǐ. Dimitrov in order to generalize some lattice concepts to directed posets whose elements need not have suprema or infima. We extend the concept of semimodularity from lattices to λ-lattices and show connections to the (weak) lower covering condition. We further show that, contrary to the case of lattices, for λ-lattices semimodularity and the (weak) lower covering condition are independent properties. However, under some additional conditions semimodularity implies the (weak) lower covering condition. Examples of corresponding λ-lattices are presented.

AMS Subject Classification: 06A11, 06B75, 06C10

Keywords: λ-lattice, semimodularity, lower covering condition, maximal chain

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