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Engageme: Designing A Visualization Tool Utilizing Physiological Feedback To Support Instruction
Shaundra B. Daily, Melva T. James, Tania Roy and Shelby S. Darnell

Recently, there has been a growing push to explore the potential of noncognitive factors in helping students reach their fullest potential. Engagement, one predictor of student achievement, is such a factor. Because the conditions under which engagement is elicited may vary, EngageMe, a visualization tool whose purpose is to assist instructors’ efforts to understand student engagement in the learning process, has been developed. The application enhances traditional observation methods by utilizing electrodermal activity, a physiological measure, as a primary indicator. An iterative, participatory design process was used to create prototypes of the EngageMe interface that allows insight into how instructors connect with their students and how their pedagogical strategies can be modified to meet the individual needs of a diverse student population. The results of this design process and implications for future development are discussed.

Keywords: Affective computing, data literacy, decision support, educational research methods, engagement, feedback mechanisms, learning analytics, learning process adaptation, learning process personalization, participatory design, reflective tools, sensemaking, visualization

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