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A Method for Making Explicit LMS Instructional Design Languages
Nour El Mawas, Lahcen Oubahssi and Pierre Laforcade

The use of Learning Management Systems presents many difficulties for teachers in thinking about and designing their courses. These are related to the operationalization of learning scenarios and the appropriation of corresponding tools. The research presented in this paper aims to help trainers to control the mediated learning situations. For this purpose, we study existent tools and methods to assist their instructional design process. In this paper, we are specifically interested in the identification and the formalization of LMSs implicit instructional design language that will be the basis for the development of binding solutions. These solutions simplify instructional design on platforms and insure that future scenarios will be formalized and operationalized in conformance to the LMSs language without semantics loss. This process is dedicated for the LMS community and more specifically for pedagogical engineers and designers with a competence in IT. We illustrate the proposed process on the Moodle platform.

Keywords: Design tools and techniques, Distance learning, Modeling, Standards

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