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Thoughts on Approaches to Adaptive Learning (June 2018)
Robert A Sottilare

In examining the three approaches to adaptive learning presented at the AERA conference in 2017 and expanded for publication in the recent issue of the Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning (TICL) journal (2018), I found some valuable insights. Fletcher offers a glimpse into the history of adaptive learning through a sampling of technology approaches and instructional domains applied over the last 50 years. Scandura provides a solid viewpoint through his description of structural learning theory (SLT) and the TutorIT and Author IT tools which apply the theory. Scandura provides a nice mix of theory and practice as a model for researchers and developers in the field of adaptive learning. Finally, I provided a review of design goals and challenges for a set of technologies that has been labeled adaptive instructional systems (AISs)…

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